On my 60th birthday my younger sister remarked that I had become a bit ‘grumpy’  …
My response was that having reached such a grand age,  it was both my right and my public duty to be so inclined.

Since I now have 10 more years experience in the art of being a grumpy old man I would suggest that I am quite well qualified to make my opinions known via this blog.
Indeed, I would claim that if I were invited to take part in Chanel 4 TV’s Gogglebox shows that I would very soon become a famous celebrity!

I shall perhaps only make one post per week on any recent news story, recent event or politician that has irritated me. Mind you, given the track record of these people there could a great deal to moan about.

I welcome any comments - we Grumpy's need to be heard - let’s do it together!

I do have three simple blog rules that you must consider:

Rule 1:
I don’t add any restrictions such as ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ etc,
but will delete anything that I consider may cause offense to other visitors.
Rule 2:
Kevin is always right.
(however, if you think that this is not the case,  no problem – Rule 3 will then apply.)

Rule 3:
Rule 2 always over-rules Rule 3!
(reasonable enough rules in my humble opinion)
so come on – let’s get stuck in for 2015 and set the world to rights!