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Readme First

If you are a first time visitor I suggest you read all 4 sections of this post before even thinking of taking part here at Grumpy Old Man.They are:
'what is a blog'  'why not use social media'  'how do I use it' and  'what's the point of it all'  Experienced bloggers may choose to read just the last section.

What is a blog?
It is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Unlike social media blog visitors can remain anonymous, and they do not have to supply any personal information at all.
A blog is effectively a soapbox, but a secure one.

Why not use social media?
It is well documented that social media (I don't even dignify those words with a capital letter) can be very invasive, can prey on children, and can be a means of communication for terrorists. More importantly such areas of the Internet has been proven to be censoring what one reads!

I am not being paranoiac here and will soon be posting about Emma Barnett's superb article on that subject in the 8-14th of November issue of The Radio Times. Even governments are struggling with this problem.

How do I use it?
Many blogs can be very confusing and quite overwhelming to the first time visitor.
My view is that it should the layout should be easy on the eye and and easy to navigate.
For example: The main body of the screen consists of my postings (latest first).
Should you wish to comment on any article there is a simple 'comment' link at the bottom.

At the top is a navigation bar containing info pages etc.Virtually all blogs have an area similar to my right hand column.Here you will see a categories link which can be used to jump to posts made to date. As blogs get bigger, the categories and archive links can be very handy in quickly finding articles that may be of interest to you.

All bloggers seek interaction with others, so one always sees 'a subscribe to my blog' link, and a method for you to share this blog on social media. (I have buttons on the left.)
There are many things that the individual blogger may put in the RH sidebar.
It is not as difficult as it may first appear - I hope this short explanation was of help.


What's the point of it all? .... Now that's the 64 million dollar question!

“The pen is mightier than the sword”
so said English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839.

I have always interpreted that phrase in this way:
all human conflicts:- be it wars, social unrest, court cases, a union dispute, a falling out amongst friends etc, etc, .... are typically resolved by negotiation and reconciliation”
So why not forget the sword and simply sit down in the first place?

I know this is a very romantic and naive view but it is one of the cornerstones of my beliefs,
as is that the Olive tree will continue to grow long after the Kalashikov's have rusted away.
Which brings me back to my blog:

As I said earlier a blog is simply a soapbox, a place to air and share views, to point out the failings in our society, and a place to better understand each other - Nothing more, nothing less .... but here is the rub:
Without comments blogs are nothing - they are pointless and should be shutdown.
Mine is no different - in internet terms it can be compared to one small grain of sand in the Sahara Desert. So I urge you to contribute - politicians and bodies like the EU do not like bad publicity in any form - they will lie, cheat and change the law just to stay in power.

Do not be apathetic, (as is the British way) speak your mind. Change does not come about by keeping quiet, the establishment likes to be left alone in their Ivory Towers.

Remember that when the wind blows just one single speck of sand could blind you.

Having had my say (as is my right on my own blog) I do feel at the moment that this blog is perhaps as useful as a candle in the wind, or as an ashtray on a motorcycle.
It simply has no visibility as yet.

In an effort to get my blog 'off the ground' I recently sent out an email to most of my family and friends asking them to visit my new blog, to subscribe, comment, or simply pass it on to their friends. To date I have not had one single response nor comment.

I am well known as a chap who will help anyone and do not ask much of people,
but if I cannot generate any interest at all from my own address book then why even bother?

I'll never be a sand dune and at the moment feel as insignificant at that single grain of sand.

As I have grown older it has been sad to see the decline of what once was GREAT Britain,
and I firmly believe that such apathy (it won't make any difference etc) is part of the cause.


  1. a nice little lesson here Kev,
    but I think you are sailing close to the wind with part 4

  2. hi Bill,
    it's nice to have you visit, in response:
    My blog - My words - My Feelings - Endof
    see you at the AGM Thursday.


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