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about me

I am a 70 year old retired Driving Instructor born in Manchester, England,  U.K.
Despite a couple of house moves (and local border changes) I have somehow always managed to stay in Lancashire, and as we say in these parts – I am a proud ‘Lanky Lad’

My main interest is golf at Leyland Golf Club - a bit of a ‘bandit’ playing off 19 h/cap! To support my future golf costs and ailing pension I have created a new website  – see here
I have a life-time love of Rugby League and support the great St.Helen’s RLFC.

This blog was created primarily to vent my frustration over the way UK politicians and news reporters tend to view the British public as complete morons.

The condescending way that these self important ‘coiffured celebrities’ (who do not seem to live in the 'real' world) try to manipulate our beliefs or opinions is a pet hate of mine.

The 'silent majority' and Grumpy Golfers of any age are particularly welcome here.
See the ‘about blog’ page for my rules and my (outstanding?) qualifications as a 'Grumpy'

It is all for a bit of fun really, and I would love to hear others folks opinions.

So please do take part and let off some steam!

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