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Friday, 5 January 2018

a new blog for 2015

This 1st post was made on January 5th 2015 - not 2018 as you may have seen above.
It was pre-dated to make it 'stick' to page top as an 'intro' for those new to blogging.

Please read my Navbar pages to see what you can expect here at Grumpy Old Man.
particularly the 'readme first' and 'visitor poll' pages
"The moving finger writes, and having writ" ...... just publish and be dammed say I.

edit Jan 29th: I'm now getting plenty of hits, but few comments!
Don't be shy people - let's play Devil's Advocate together.
(or at least please fill in my Visitor poll)

Even a Grumpy Old man like me would not wish to start the New Year with a rant or rave,
but fear not Dear Visitor - 'kevbro' will be quite active on T'internet quite soon.

Your comments on my blog (or anything you wish to discuss) are very welcome.
note that I don’t add any restrictions such as 'awaiting moderation' etc ...
except that anyone posting as 'anonymous' will have to complete a 'captcha'

I will delete anything that I consider may cause offense to other visitors.

please use the comment link below any posting to share your thoughts.
(or just 'tick' your reaction to it please?)

1 comment:

  1. my name is Carol and I have been married to the silly old fool who created this website for over 47 years. so where do I start? …..

    1. he is a very honest chap who says of himself that ‘I am a good friend, but a terrible enemy’ – quite true!
    2. he likes a ‘good cause’, a good debate (argument?) and can be very anti-establishment.
    3. whilst quite opinionated, he will concede if proven wrong – but that can take some doing!
    4. I doubt there has ever been a better person at ‘ burning bridges’ but to his credit, he does stand up for his beliefs.
    In this mixed up ‘PC’ world we now live in though he can find this to be very difficult.
    5. I do agree with him that speaking up for one’s self in modern Britain gets harder by the day, and wish him well with this blog.
    6. In his Army days, (and somewhat drunk) he was once spotted apparently arguing with a medieval suite of armor in a fancy hotel.
    The next day one of his best comrades commented that he found the incident to be quite funny, but also very worried that Kevin seemed to win the argument?

    All that said, I do know that this blog is intended to be just for fun, but sympathize with anyone who tries to argue with him.
    enjoy yourself.


I do appreciate any comments whatsoever -
but please know now that whilst this blog was created so folks can 'let off a bit of steam'
that I shall delete anything I consider may be offensive to other visitors.