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Saturday, 24 January 2015

are YOU a believer?

Below is an extract from Terry Pratchett's book 'Feet of Clay' from the 'Discworld' series.
There are 7 books that contain members of the City Watch - I find them to be hilarious.

Do the characters below remind you of anyone?

One new member of the Watch, Constable Visit, always complains that his full name is 'Visit the Infidel with Explanatory Leaflets'
Pratchett goes on to say Constable Visit is of the Omnian race -

"a race who's traditional approach to evangelism was to torture, or put all unbelievers to the sword.They then became much more civilised and decided to go around in two's and knock on people's doors"

Corporal Visit's partner was named "Smite the Unbeliever with Cunning Arguments"
- he was so effective that people hid behind the furniture if he called."

Mention is also made of Pastor Nasal Pedler, who exhorts the congregation to:
"rise up and speak sincerely through people's letterboxes"

Pratchett is Priceless!

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