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Thursday, 8 January 2015

footballer Ched Evans

this is my first 'serious' post - and is a copy of the email I just sent to ITV News.
please do let me have your opinions and perhaps share the post?

I watched your national news earlier (6:30 Jan 8th) and was absolutely appalled by what Mary Nightingale said in the article about the footballer Ched Evans!
She stated that he had made a 'partial' apology, and in an accusing kind of tone - the kind of tone that suggested he should have said more ....

His apology may have been brief, but it did contain the word 'wholeheartedly'. Had she not said 'partial' in such a way I may not have found the need for this email.
A newsreader should only state the facts, not bend them, never inflict any kind of nuance that may imply disapproval, or even suggest personal opinion by what is said.
If I were Ched Evans I would certainly be demanding that an immediate apology be broadcast on tomorrow's edition, and may even sue for deformation of character, or some such.

ITV news yourselves are also guilty here - you, or your team should not be reporting matters in such a way whilst an appeal is ongoing.
The man has always claimed that he is innocent - the appeal board have yet to decide, so has it not even crossed your minds that perhaps
he has not previously issued an apology because he knows he is innocent, and has only done so now because of pressure from mob rule and the media?

If you are an honest organization, I expect you to 'do the right thing' on tomorrow's news, but since I don't trust our media, I shall immediately be raising a complaint with Ofcom.

It may surprise you that I have no personal interest in Ched Evans, nor in the whole affair, what will be will be, but I am sick and tired of what I see in virtually every news program I watch - the british standards of honesty and fair play are not what they once were.

from a disgusted,
Kevin J Browne. Leyland, Lancs.


  1. well done Kevin. i for one hope ched will clear is name. mob ruling the uk twitter/facebook and media

  2. what no argument Barry? - this is no way to keep a Grumpy Old Man happy.
    but seriously,
    I appreciate your comment and hope that truth and common sense will prevail.
    (mind you, a very good friend of mine once told me that common sense was not that common)


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