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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Common Market OK - Federal Europe No Way! (part 2 - undemocratic EU)

The EU has been proven to be undemocratic and the daydream of a federal Europe is over.
The power hungry bureaucrats in Brussels and Berlin are not blind, yet they refuse to see.

Tony Benn once said that we should ask our political leaders 5 questions:
What power have you got? - Where did you get it from? - In whose interests do you exercise it? - To whom are you accountable? - And how can we get rid of you?
If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system"
(Never a truer word in my view).

While UK politicians may well be content to live in what amounts to a bureaucratic dictatorship, the people certainly are not. On one of the rare occasions when they were permitted to give an opinion (on the Lisbon Treaty) the Irish, French and Dutch all said no, and the latest UK polls show that 80% of us are in favour of leaving the EU - it seems that UKIP have a better understanding of our wishes than do the establishment.

Yet under what passes for democracy in the EU, they were very quickly either ignored or told to vote again and this time to give the answer their masters demanded. 
UKIP is not wrong - it is merely giving a voice to those many despairing people who long once again to live in a democratic, sovereign nation. There are are many such forward thinking groups throughout Europe, but ask yourself why our press does not mention them.

What is even more ridiculous is that we did not actually elect the people who make these laws.There is only a very small minority of us who even bother to vote for MEP's, and the President and Commissioners etc are elected 'in-house'- we could not get rid of them if we tried! - This is NOT democracy, nor is it good for Britain.

The latest issue is with Greece. They may or may not decide to stay in the EU, but here are some very telling words spoken by a BBC news reporter yesterday: (not word perfect)
" I believe that what will happen now is that the new Greek Government will have to negotiate with Angela Merkel and form some kind of understanding. The EU are experts at fudging the rules to keep it going"
(note his mention of Angela Merkel -  is she now the Queen of  Europe?)
(my take on the meaning of 'fudging' is:  changing the Constitution without consultation)

That was said on the National news as though the situation was perfectly acceptable. Why on earth do we allow this charade to continue?

What the EU has become is a kind of bureaucratic 'back door' alternative to the kind of world domination that Germany did not manage in the 1940's - even with the Holocaust, etc.

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