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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

of women with fake eyebrows

I had always bemused me as to why women paint on fake eyebrows.

I have never been a fan of makeup in any of it's forms and the type of women who 'paste it on' simply revolt me. Fake eyebrows are one point in question - what's it all about? do they not know how silly they look?

Perhaps I miss the point and they are just auditioning as extras for the next Star Trek film.
Or could it be that if they think they will get 'noticed' then they will become 'celebrities?
Either way, you cannot buy good looks by spending money on makeup and marker pens.  

There is a rather pleasant lady on the cigarette counter in my local Asda who has shaven off her eyebrows and painted false one's one that remind me of the McDonald's logo! They are so eye-catching (no pun intended) that even the most outrageous circus clown would not go to such an extent.

I have added some examples below:
to protect the identities of the 'criminally insane', the photos have been cropped.


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