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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Crisis in the NHS - what crisis?

Funnily enough those words were not spoken by David 'botox' Cameron when he was challenged in Parliament last week. His responses were quite feeble.
Whatever, there IS a crisis, and one caused by this so called 'coalition' government.

The NHS is one of the best things ever brought into British Society and is envied all over the world. (do some research on Labour MP Aneurin Bevan - see Wikipedia)
If you wish to see the death of  the NHS then simply vote for the Tories later this year!

I will explain:
1. Despite ALL the evidence Cameron will not admit there is a crisis.(and we have had no really bad weather yet)
2. Yesterday Cameron laid  his 6 priorities for the upcoming General Election - the NHS was not listed as a priority.
3. As I will show below, it is the crippling financial strategy of  'man of the people' George Osborne that is one of the the root causes of the NHS's problems.
He is as idealistically driven (and mis-guided) as was Thatcher.

There is a vicious circle affecting the NHS that perhaps best explained thus:
a) In  tonight's news you may have seen the report on how the 'walking well' are a major cause of the lack of hospital beds. These people are fit enough to be looked after at home, but cannot be allowed out as there are not enough care workers to help them.

b) This is simply because Social Services departments are severely under-staffed and under-funded.because of the severe 'council cuts' we have had to endure during this Parliament.

c) Blame not your local council for all this - next year Manchester alone will have to make about 60 million pounds more in cuts (on top of the one's already imposed)

d) This punitive financial strategy of Osborne's had led to the working classes being much worse off  today than when the coalition was formed.- yet the rich and mega rich get richer still. (off more in a later post!)

As you see, it is idealistic and dogmatic Tory policy that is the cause of the real crisis in the NHS.
My belief, and that of a great (and rapidly growing) number of  Brits is that the Tories care not one iota for the NHS and would like to see it privatized...
(now why did the word Thatcher just pop into my head? ...)
ah yes - I know, she used similar tactics to wreak total revenge on the Mining industry for their part in bringing down Ted Heath's government.

If you think this is simply just a 'rant' by a Grumpy Old Man - then think again!
The proof is out there - just get onto Wikipedia or down to your  Local Council's Records Offices more often.

Dear me! - I forgot to mention the 'Forgotten One" but a picture says a thousand words!

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