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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

David Cameron - a very frightened and deceitful man.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive...
You have been caught red-handed this time old chap!

I refer to to the current debate about who should take part in the Election TV debates.
Firstly some facts:
1. It is the broadcasters duty to present to the voters a fair and balanced panel.
2. David Cameron has no right to try and influence who takes part.
3. In his statement today he said that the Greens should be included because they got more votes than UKIP and Liberals in the European Elections -  
note: he has 'cherry picked' figures from the 'European elections that typically have a very poor turnout indeed - and they do not reflect current UK bye election voting trends
He makes no mention of how the poorly the Greens have done in such recent bye elections because that would undermine his pathetic argument.
4. So here are some very relevant facts that he did not bother to mention in Parliament.
Oct 9th 2014 Clacton bye election:
UKIP won with 21,113 votes - the Greens got 688!
Nov 20th 2014 Rochester bye election:
UKIP won with 16,867 votes - the Greens got 1,692
You may call me opinionated but I am British, I am a voter, I am no fool, I live in the real world and can spot a frightened Tory mouthing a load of bullshit from a mile away. 

Of the 14 parties currently having MP's, the Greens (with 1 MP) are 12th out of 14.
UKIP have 2 - and why the Greens instead of the likes of Scottish Nationalists, Plaid Cymru etc? Quite simply it is because the Greens are perhaps the only party who would not give him a 'rough time'
My point of view is this:
His basic argument is flawed, and like many MP's he uses figures that are totally irrelevant. He attempts to try and justify a spurious argument, whilst trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the British Public.

It cannot be denied that UKIP are a growing, and increasingly popular party that both Labour and Tory fear. Such is the total demise of the Liberals it would not surprise me at all if UKIP came 3rd in the Election.
Nick Clegg has about as much chance of success as he would have in trying to win the Eurovision song contest by singing 'puppet on a string' (which is all that he has been during the course of this Coalition)
As for the Greens, until Cameron brought them up we had all forgotten they existed!

I believe that this whole affair is a typically devious move by the Tories to avoid any debate at all.  I has been said on TV that even his advisers think he has nothing to gain and much to lose.
Cameron knows full well that to be faced with just Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage would be a disaster. I agree, and believe he would be cut to shreds, so he has cooked up this really pathetic 'green' argument - but are we fooled?
ITV's poll tonight stated that only 21% of the public thought he had a point - he did fool some of us then!


Rather than face up to problems in the NHS and with Immigration (which are the 2 main subjects the public want addressing) what does his 'media machine' feed us ... a diet of green(s) we don't want and that rather pathetic story in the Mail Online yesterday.
I quote:
"David Cameron today revealed he has given up bread as part of his 'great patriotic struggle' with his weight, which involves cutting out carbs and running every other day.
The extreme regime means the Premier will have to shelve his breadmaker, which he famously admitted using instead of buying budget loaves."

How very thoughtful of this great guy to do make such a sacrifice for Britain! - it warms the cockles of my heart. The poor chap has had to arrange for the TV to film him jogging and also get rid of his bread maker and all apparently as his Patriotic duty. 

If it were not for all the very serious matters that need attending to in this country, one could easily wish to vote for such a man of the people - but hey, you must admit his spin doctors created a great diversionary feel-good film?

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