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Monday, 19 January 2015

David Cameron's letter to Muslim leaders

In some of my posts I make no secret of the fact that I despise David Cameron, his party and it's politics, but in the matter of 'that' letter I totally agree with him see BBC news here

Most of the problems the world faces today stem from Islamic militants, so why not ask Muslim leaders to help out in any way they can?

On this afternoon's news one irate Muslim spokesmen said that the letter could offend Muslims, and that it was unfair to 'pick on' just Muslims. He also asked why such a letter was not sent to leaders of other faiths.

I say to that chap - don't be so bloody sensitive! - it is not the followers of other religions who fly planes into skyscrapers, or gun down innocent civilians, it is Muslims!
In my opinion your own community could, and should, do far, far, more to denounce those who commit such barbarous acts.
For example, is it not reasonable to suggest that your religious leaders could ensure their own 'house is in order' or use their influence and contacts against those nations and groups who harbour, support and fund the fanatics that disgrace your religion?

Whether I, or others like it or not, we have many Muslims in Britain today. I know little or nothing about Islam, but do know what I see with my own eyes. In my view you offend far too easily and could do more to be British.
Yes - keep and honour your faith - We Brits are tolerant people, which is why so many foreigners choose to live here. What troubles many of us though is that you don't seem to want to integrate enough, if at all.

Some examples of why I say this:
In some towns you outnumber the locals and ask for Sharia Law to be introduced.
In Preston one year Christmas Carols were banned as it may offend Muslims.
During the last world cup a local pub was told to take down the flag of Saint George because it upset a nearby mosque.
Then there is the problem about Birmingham Schools (see here)

Forget not that some young British born Muslims have joined Isis and may well be the next to wield their Kalshnikovs in some other European city! ... I could go on and on!
here is a quote from the BBC News link above
 Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation:
"Whether we like it or not, there are some mosques, some imams who are preaching hate," he said.

In the 2011 UK Census, Christianity was the largest religion, with 33.2 million people (59.3 per cent of the population). The second largest religious group were Muslims with 2.7 million people (4.8 per cent of the population)

My view is that the tale should never be allowed to wag the dog. If groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain (in conjunction with the Imam's) paid less attention to Muslim interests and more to British interests then perhaps (perhaps) you may gain more respect from the likes of me.

Support Cameron  - Support the country many of you grew up in - Be less intolerant


Many Brits will have never heard of the late Enoch Powell and his 'Rivers of Blood' speech.
Whatever your religion, colour or creed I urge you all to study it - now!

Enoch was pilloried for that, but at the time I thought he had a good, if not overstated point.
I think he was genuinely concerned for his country and that his intentions were good.
He was actually talking about the immigration problem and not those who settle here from the Commonwealth.
He was proved wrong about that particular immigrant threat. Those people have integrated perfectly into British life and are are valued members of our society. Paradoxically though what we now suffer as members of the EU is a much greater problem, as is the real terrorist threat the whole Western World now faces.

I bet Enoch is turning in his grave at what has since happened in his beloved Midlands, and that his words have actually turned out to be an accurate prophesy for what is happening in today's Britain.

Even as I write 'Rivers of Blood' seem to be flowing.
In my view the source is in the Islamic heartlands - both here and abroad.

these are the 4 flags of the United Kingdom, respected by every true British Citizen

I would suggest that anyone who is offended by any of them is not a true Brit
and that they should seriously consider emigrating to countries with flags like these

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