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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Common Market OK - Federal Europe No Way! (part 1 - immigration)

This is the first in a series of posts about the undemocratic, unworkable and failing EU.

I was a believer in the Common Market idea, but I despise the undemocratic body named the EU. We are a Nation State which now has no control over the fact that 507 million Europeans can enter our land at will. This is a quite ridiculous situation and one that must be addressed immediately.

Do Norway, Switzerland, Australia, America, and Russia etc, allow the dilution of their societies and culture by adopting a misguided political system whose leaders cannot even balance the books? (unless when claiming their expenses that is)

Quite simply Britain cannot afford to allow this situation to continue (our finances and infrastructure are already at breaking point) The NHS is a good case in point.

In the 1960's French president Charles de Gaulle warned France's five partners in the European Economic Community (the Common Market) that if they were to impose British membership on France that it could lead to the breakup of the community.

Oh how I wish he had got his way!

In the last 1500 years this nation of ours has developed a great and civilised society that is still envied worldwide. In that time we have fought many wars to defend our shores, our Christianity and our unique culture. Nothing really good ever came out of Europe, yet now, because of weak politicians, we have been totally outmaneuvered by faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats and we have meekly lain down like sick lambs. 

In her privatization frenzy Maggie Thatcher sold off everything
except the Crown jewels. Her successors have sold off the country.

In 2014 The UK population was 60 million, the EU population was 507 million. All those 507 million people have the right to just saunter over here when they wish - and to be allowed access to our unique National Health Service and Benefits systems. 
Here is another 'fun fact' - if the EU gets it's way (and it is fiddling the books so that it can) then they will soon allow Turkey to join. Turkey is a country with 97% of it's land mass in ASIA, has a population of some 77 million people, of whom 99.8% are muslim.
What future has this 'green and pleasant land' of ours if even a small fraction of Turks decide to come here? (Due to the ongoing problems in Turkey I suspect many will)
In my opinion Britain seems doomed to become a muslim state - and we can thank our membership of the EU. Happily I will not live to see that day.

You may think that I am a rabid Nationalist stuck in a time warp - but you would be wrong.
Britain is a multi-ethnic nation, and long has been. It is that very diversity and the tolerance we show to others that stands us apart from the rest of the world - I appreciate and embrace that situation.

What upsets me is that we are being forced to allow so many immigrants into this country that we, (and our Christianity) may soon become a minority in our own land.

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