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Friday, 23 January 2015

Tory Party lies over changes in Benefits system

George Osbourne's lies have been revealed on an article on today's BBC lunchtime news. 
Some while ago when Chancellor George Osborne announced changes to the benefits system (which included the evil 'Bedroom Tax') he stated that this would make for a much  'fairer' Britain.

It has long been seen that when Tories mention the word 'fair' they tend to be to mean 'fair to the middle classes' who tend to be traditional Tory voters. This has been has been proven yet again by the latest statistics.

the news article can  be read here, and it shows that:
1. The wallets of richest 10% in this country have been hit the hardest at £5,350 per year on average. That is a very small amount in in percentage terms, and one that will not cause any hardship.

2. The poorest in this country (those with incomes of £20,000 per year or less) lost  £1,127 per year on average. That is a very large and penal amount.

3. It was also stated by the reporter that the 'middle classes' have suffered very little and indeed some have gained. That did not surprise me in the least, nor should surprise anyone - it is simply the Tory way.

These are not my figures - they come from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
What they say to me is that facts are facts, and that lies are lies!

Whether rich or poor, the price of a loaf of bread remains the same, yet the upsurge in the demand for food banks shows that a loaf of  bread is fast becoming a luxury to many.

one quote from that news article.
"Whichever way you cut it, low-income households with children and the very richest households have lost out significantly from the changes as a percentage of their incomes.


Time after time history has shown us that Tories always bleed the working classes dry, and that the end result is always that the rich get richer, whilst the poor get poorer.

I urge you to bear this this in mind when you vote this May  - switch off Corrie, Eastenders and the like and take an interest in the real world - the pound in your pocket depends on it. 

It is quite disgraceful  that many of our citizens have to resort to food banks. Ask yourself why the majority of those food banks are in working class Northern areas rather than the Tory heartlands.

For those who think I am a misguided and whining Northerner check out what the Guardian newspaper  says about inequality and the North/South divide here:

a 'fairer' Britain my posterior!

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